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Marketing consultancy specialising in creative customer research and strategic marketing for aspiring brands and businesses. Strategies for success.

Marketing consultancy

With decades of marketing and research experience we provide a compass to navigate this fast moving digital world. By understanding your customers and their needs, we help you better meet them. This is rocket fuel for successful marketing.

Seasoned support

seasoned marketing directors at our marketing consultancy

With seasoned research and marketing directors by your side at every step on your journey you'll experience more insights, more ideas, more practical support and strategies that really drive success. Meet our marketing consultants.

Success stories

Some of The Marketing Directors' marketing success stories

Our success stories include helping many aspiring businesses and brands in FMCG, services, media, business-to-business and beyond. Read our marketing success stories.


  • We still talk about how much fun your marketing workshop was even though it was over a year ago!
    Manager, BBC Worldwide
  • Comparing your marketing consultancy with another market research company is like comparing a Premiership team with a Sunday pub league side.
    General Manager, Power Company
  • Watching The Marketing Directors’ research last night was very informative and amongst the most useful time I’ve spent working for our organisation.
    Head of Department, Department for Education
  • The project we worked on with you is the best piece of work we’ve done in three years. It has attracted the attention of our colleagues around the world and our sales have increased nine fold over the period.
    Marketing Director, GlaxoSmithKline
  • That is the most insightful and useful piece of work that I’ve seen in my life.
    Managing Director, BBC Worldwide

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