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Strategic marketing consultancy | Brand marketing

Marketing consultancy specialising in creative customer research and strategic marketing for aspiring brands and businesses.

About us

We're different in being seasoned marketing directors, researchers, business planners and creatives. Also authors of The Marketing Director's Handbook. As a result, our strategic marketing consultancy solutions are always totally tailored to your needs, creative and rigorous. We help you by understanding your customers and revealing new opportunities.

Marketing services

strategic marketing consultancy, The Marketing Directors

Also by developing distinctive products, services, communications and brands. At every stage we also provide personal and practical support. As a result, we boost customers, satisfaction, income, profitability, and business and brand value. So choose to work with us on a project, per diem or interim basis. Read more about our marketing consultancy and how we work.

Marketing success stories

Some of The Marketing Directors' marketing success stories
We're also adept at navigating the changing digital world. As a result, we've helped many well-known and aspiring businesses and brands. Including in FMCG, services, media, technology, digital, business-to-business and also the public sector - both in the UK and beyond. Read our marketing success stories and then contact us for an inspiring proposal.


  • With targets increased by 40% in one year, it was clear they were very ambitious. Therefore I'm very happy to report that we exceeded them. At the end of the day yesterday we were up 47%. Thank you for your help in making that happen.
    Digital Marketing Manager, Centre for Alternative Technology,
  • I use The Marketing Director's Handbook as a text for my marketing management/strategy class at the university.  It is the best book I have found on this subject.
    Professor of Strategic Marketing, Concordia University Irvine, California,
  • Thank-you for today's marketing masterclass. It was impressive. All exercises and theory are of great use! Very well structured and also informative!
    Head of Advertising, Renaissance Credit Bank,
  • I devoured The Marketing Director's Handbook in 24 hours. It is a great read.
    Gordon Donkin, Head of Communities, The Chartered Institute of Marketing,
  • A substantial and impressive marketing reference book and at £49.99 delivers excellent value.
    Ann Ward, AQR In Brief Magazine,
  • Today's marketing director needs to be informed, analytical, creative, inspirational ... and successful - fast. This book provides an ongoing guide to succeeding in the toughest job in business. Don't leave your desk without it
    Hugh Burkitt, CEO, The Marketing Society,
  • I learned more in a morning than on my entire marketing degree course.
    Planner, Omnicom,
  • We still talk about how much fun your marketing workshop was even though it was over a year ago!
    Manager, BBC Worldwide,
  • Comparing your marketing consultancy with another market research company is like comparing a Premiership team with a Sunday pub league side.
    General Manager, Power Company,
  • Watching The Marketing Directors’ research last night was very informative and amongst the most useful time I’ve spent working for our organisation.
    Head of Department, Department for Education,
  • The project we worked on with you is the best marketing work we’ve done in three years. It has attracted the attention of our colleagues around the world. And our sales have also increased nine-fold over the period.
    Marketing Director, GlaxoSmithKline,
  • That is the most insightful and useful piece of work that I’ve seen in my life.
    Managing Director, BBC Worldwide,