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Quantitative Research Survey Modes: Comparing Online vs. Telephone vs. Face-to-face

Best in Show Winner Crufts 2015. Comparing Quantitative Research Survey Modes
Comparing Online vs. Telephone vs. Face-to-face Quantitative Research Survey Modes;  Which is top dog? Recent OFCOM Research (1) highlighted that 71% of the UK receive 9 nuisance calls a month. Also that telephone is the #4 culprit. This questions whether this quantitative resear
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Shopper Marketing: Context, Trends and Ideas to Help You Gain Competitive Advantage

Shopper marketing
Shopper Marketing : views from a small island Shopper marketing started thousands of years ago. But in modern times it  emerged from the disciplines of retail marketing and trade marketing. It involves “understanding how consumers behave as shoppers, across different channe
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The Marketing of Science

Professor Brian Cox - A Scientist in the Media
The popularisation of science owes much to Michael Faraday's lectures at the Royal Institution in the early 1800s. In this televison age, Carl Sagan, and now Professors Brian Cox, Jim Al-Khalali and Alice Roberts are taking up the mantle.
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