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Managing Marketing in the Digital Age

UK online usage by age 2019 Fig 1: Managing marketing in the digital age
Managing Marketing in the Digital Age | As Coronavirus catapulted digital adoption and affected businesses everywhere, we ask 'how to manage marketing in the digital age?'
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The UK Productivity Conundrum; Eight Insights for UK plc

  • Productive worker bee on lavender
Since 2008, UK productivity has failed to follow the previous 10 year plus trend line. Exactly why productivity has failed to grow is a hot political issue and much debated by economists. We therefore thought it helpful to have a view. If we approached the subject from a marketing poi
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B2B vs. B2C Marketing ; What works best on the dance floor?

B2B vs. B2C marketing
Marketing a product to an individual consumer rather than to a business is often a very different proposition. Or is it?
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Brexit Planning; Time for UK business to embrace the world

Brexit - UK business and marketers should embrace the world l World of flags
On June 23rd 2016 the UK decided to leave the EU. So what does this mean for UK businesses and marketers? The consensus expect a period of uncertainty as everyone digests the facts, and devise strategies to manage the risks and plan a way forward. But with Brexit looming on Dec 31st,
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Business Strategy; How to Plan for, and Manage in the Fast-moving Digital World

Business Strategy | SuperCar-RoadTrip.Fr
Digitalisation and 24/7 global connectivity increases customer power and supply-side reach. Search and algorithms also reduce brands to keywords. As a result, markets become increasingly competitive over time and not less. These therefore create pressure for change. And dealing with c
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Business Strategy; The Role of Marketing in Driving Success

Marketing strategy | Popping the cork to celebrate marketing success
What enables some businesses to weather the changing economic climate and the cold wind of market forces, while others wither? The most successful grow income and budgets steadily, while the weakest are left with diminishing income and budgets. Or none at all. Just as Darwin observed,
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Dealing with Tough Times : Six Pointers for a Rapid Business Turn-Around

How and why marketers can and should lead businesses out of the recession. 6 top tips
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