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Marketing: The New Digital Marketing

The Marketing Director's Handbook
‘Stay with me baby’ – from the Walker Brothers to Leanne Jarvis (1966+) Staying contemporary and relevant is essential for successful marketing. Especially in the ever-changing digital world. However the basics of marketing, consumer and brand remain constant. In addition, so does the
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Business Strategy; How to ‘Bottle’ Marketing Success?

Marketing strategy | Popping the cork to celebrate marketing success
What enables some businesses to weather the changing economic climate and the cold wind of market forces, while others wither? The most successful grow income and budgets steadily, while the weakest are left with diminishing income and budgets. Or none at all. Just as Darwin observed,
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Briefing, Selecting and Managing Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies will be the bane and boon of your life. With careful management they can transform the performance of your brand, your business and yourself. To get the most out of agencies be clear about your objectives and needs, understand your agency and work at the relation
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Successful Marketing Part 4 – Measure and Manage the Numbers

Making money is what a company is all about so marketing must always measure and manage the numbers.
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Successful Marketing Part 3 – Install Early Warning Radar

Early warning radar - for successful marketing
Marketers can and should play a greater role in being the early warning radar system and knowledge bank of businesses
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Successful Marketing Part 2 – Be a Disciple of Customer Understanding

Disciple of Customer Understanding
The marketer's key role is to be a disciple of customer understanding. So revere and truly understand customers and evangelise this message to your collegues.
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How to be a Successful Marketing Director – Part 1

The Marketing Director's Handbook - the definitive guide to superior and successful marketing
Whatever the marketer's job title, influencing and managing the effective delivery of the commercial strategy through the business is pivotal to success.
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