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Creative market research to answer all your questions and inspire commercially

Our creative market research services are always bespoke and never by the book. As a result they comprise one or more of the following:

Qualitative Research

Through focus groups, creative consumer workshops, depth interviews, accompanied shops, observation and using lots of creative stimuli we challenge the status quo and dig deeper. Experienced researchers and marketing directors working together also enables more perceptive analysis. Thus spotlighting new consumer and brand opportunities.

Quantitative Research

We deliver top quality face-to-face, telephone and also online solutions. We choose the method, and from top quantitative partners, to meet your needs and also deliver best value. Through understanding how consumers think and feel and what marketers need to know to we get the survey right. As a result providing more useful insights enabling better business decisions.

Secondary Research

We unearth insights by building on what you know, trawling libraries, the Internet and also the ‘world about us’. Gaps in information are then filled and verified using rigorous methods. These include systematic literature reviews, discourse analysis, and also software. Finally, marketers and researchers working together leads to better market research analysis. Thus revealing new opportunities for your business.

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