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Market Research Services

Effective market research is the rocket-fuel for successful marketing. So our market research services are always bespoke and never by the book. Matched to your brief, we combine one or more of the following market research methods to answer your questions and give you an edge.

Creative Market Research Services

Through researchers and marketers working together we also look at customers and the world about us in new ways to challenge conventional wisdom and spot new insights. We also use lots of creative stimuli in research to uncover insights and develop products, communications and brands. All helps us uncover more opportunities to boost your sales, profits, and business and brand value.

Qualitative Research


Creative qualitative research to understand customers, their needs and brand issues
and opportunities

Quantitative Research

quantitative research company

Online, telephone or face-to-face research to assess the size of marketing opportunities

Secondary Research

secondary research company

Researching published sources to understand markets, trends and competitors

International Research

international market research

Creative overseas research to reveal local
and global insights

How we work

In the first instance give us a call so we can discuss and understand your needs. Then we'll write a short proposal outlining a work programme to help you. Once agreed this then becomes our quality contract with you.