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International Market Research

Reveal new overseas opportunities with international market research

Our international market research studies are totally tailored to meet your needs. They also typically include one or more or qualitative, quantitative or secondary research.

For qualitative research, our team plans, manages, views and then analyses research. We also moderate research in some languages. In addition, we hand-pick local moderators with additional language skills and cultural know-how to work with us.

For quantitative research, we work with ‘best of breed’ global partners to ensure high quality and also value for money fieldwork.

Research analysis to tell the full story

Using creative stimuli, and combining different market research methods, together with central and local experts adds to the quality of our research. Through research and marketing experts working together also ensures quality market research analysis. Thus telling the full story by combining ‘big picture’ understanding with local cultural insights and pinpointing opportunities for you.

Our international market research and marketing success stories span over 100 countries. Including the most developed through to emerging markets. In particular, our expertise includes most European markets, including East Europe. Also much of the USA, many Asian countries, and parts of Africa.

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