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Creative qualitative research to answer all your questions

We use a variety of qualitative research methods to understand consumers and also unearth new insights.

Insights are consumer needs or beliefs that point to new brand opportunities. They are also rocket-fuel to super-charge your marketing.

Through one or more of focus groups, depth interviews, accompanied shops, and also observation, we get close up and explore subjects from all angles. Increasingly by telephone and online in order to preserve social distancing, but also face-to-face where practical.

In addition, we bring to life ideas using rich creative stimuli. This enables us to challenge consumer perceptions and thus better unearth and develop ideas.

Then through experienced researchers and marketers working together this enables more perceptive research analysis. As a result, we answer your questions and spotlight new communication, product, service and brand opportunities.

Creative qualitative research methods

Where opportune we use four strategies to help us dig deeper and uncover more insights. We call them the 4Cs: Context, Challenge, Collaboration and Calculation. They help us help you gain competitive advantage from your research investment. So to find out more read our creative research methods blog post or watch our short film.

How can we help you?

Follow this link for help to write your market research brief and then get in touch for advice or to ask for an inspiring research proposal.

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