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Quantitative Research

Quantitative research answers the questions ‘how much?’ or ‘how many?’ while qualitative research answers ‘what?’, ‘why?’ and ‘how-to?’ questions.

Quantitative research methods

Great quantitative research starts with choosing the right research method, asking the right questions and also using clever creative stimuli.

Our research methods include online, face-to-face, telephone, postal and also mobile. However, with no vested interest in promoting one method over another we simply recommend what will best meet your needs. Sometimes we also recommend mixed research methods. Click through to our blog post for insights on the pros and cons of alternative quantitative research survey methods.

Quality and value-for-money quantitative research

Overall our aim is to provide the best quality and value-for-money research solutions. We do this by working collaboratively with top UK and global firms, to source respondents, draft surveys, conduct fieldwork and process data.

Because we know how consumers think and feel and what marketers need to know to make better business decisions we design clever surveys to answer your questions and tell the whole story. Then through researchers and marketers working together, and robust market research analysis, we highlight issues and opportunities to boost your business.

Statistical analysis and modelling

The application of mathematical and statistical methods to economic or market research data is called econometrics. This is useful to verify information reliability and also to create ‘what-if’ models. For a more details, read this summary on Wikipedia.

Our approach firstly involves the collection of business information (sometimes called ‘big data’) using secondary or quantitative research methods. Potential information includes customer sales, price, and advertising or promotion impacts or expenditure. Then using statistical techniques, such as multiple and non-linear regression and factor and cluster analysis, we analyse, and reveal cause and effect relationships between data. Understanding the effect of business drivers and barriers, such as price, and promotion on sales is powerful in predicting future business scenarios and managing risks.

Finally, understanding the effect of business drivers and barriers on sales and profitability allows us to create algorithms. Algorithms, are mathematical equations, they explain the mathematical relationships between data, and are powerful in creating ‘what-if’ models to forecast the future. Then by inputting data it is possible to postulate the effects on different customer segments, and postulate different business scenarios. And then ultimately, it is possible to reveal the most profitable segments or scenarios.

The insights revealed partly relate to the quantity and quality of available data. Thus at the outset we work with you to compile data in comparable formats. In particular, using secondary research or quantitative research methods. All enables more powerful analysis, and the ability to make better decisions and invest more wisely.

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