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Secondary Research

Secondary research to answer your questions

Secondary research is also known as desk research. It involves reviewing published sources and differs from primary research, where customers provide the data. It is useful to compile an overview of markets, competitors, media and brands. Also to drill into specifics such as sales, profits, communications, website traffic, technology, customer or search trends, and more.

Secondary research sources and tools

Sources include in-house information systems, libraries, databases, the ‘world about us’ as well as a myriad of Internet sources and tools such as Google’s keyword planner. Via our membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and British Library we also access a vast library of published information. These includes databases such as EBSCO and published research such as Mintel reports, company accounts, advertising spend, and more. However, data in the public domain is seldom complete. So we also use rigorous methods such as systematic literature reviews, discourse analysis and software to fill and verify information gaps. This is particularly useful in business-to-business markets where it is hard to find facts.

We also use Google and other website analysis tools to analyse the online activity, including search term trends, volumes, and website rankings. These help us to pinpoint ways to boost website search performance.

Research analysis

Finally, through researchers and marketers working together we analyse research findings and spotlight opportunities for your business.

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