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Brand Strategy

What is a brand?

A brand is shorthand for a package of emotional and rational benefits and personality traits. Brands are essential to attract, drive customer choice and build relationships. However, not all products, services and businesses are brands. Though by thinking about your business as a brand, and investing a brand strategy it is possible to attract more customers, influence purchasing, improve loyalty, and boost value perceptions and value.

Brand strategy, characteristics of great brands

Our brand strategy services include:

Defining a brand strategy or positioning

Defining a brand strategy involves determining what we want your customers to think and feel. Great brands, like great communications, embody a simple paradox. Like great literature and art, they intersect timeliness and timelessness. If products are people, we want your customers to think of your brand as a friend. Full of emotion and personality. So by using clever thinking tools, and working with you and your customers, we work out how best to position your brand. We define elements including brand emotions, personality, brand archetypes and stories. Read more about ‘Why emotions?‘ and Adding Brand Personality and Telling Brand Stories. The latter summarises a presentation given at The Chartered Institute of Marketing Northern Conference in Manchester.

Building brands though brand extension

Brand extension is useful to grow your brand yet also to consolidate or improve customer perceptions. So we work with you do define a brand extension strategy, vision, and how to build on current perceptions to best effect. There are also dangers in extending too far, and thus sometimes, creating a new brand is more opportune. Read more about the benefits of brand extensions.

Delivering great brand experiences through people power

Many brands, particularly service brands, fail by delivering inconsistently. However, people are key to delivering a great customer experiences – experiences that customers remember and tell their friends about. So we do this by aligning your marketing activities, and helping your colleagues to understand and live your brand promise. Also by helping consistently exceed expectations. Read an example of a great brand experience. This is an example of a media and retail brand; it highlights how the devil is in the detail.

Brand storytelling | Saint George and the Dragon by Paolo Uccello.
Brand storytelling helps turn frogs to princes, prolong life and even slays competitors in the process.

How to build your brand

Browse our brand development success stories and then request a free consultation.