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A brand strategy helps brands endure

A brand is shorthand for a package of emotional and rational benefits and personality traits. In this fast-moving digital world, brands are essential to attract, drive customer choice and build relationships. However, not all products, services and businesses are brands. Though with a clever brand strategy, i.e. plan to realise a brand vision, many benefits await you.

Build great brands by adding personality and telling stories

Great brands, like great communications, embody a simple paradox. Like great literature and art, they intersect timeliness and timelessness. They also exude personality. So if products are people, think of brands as friends. By using clever thinking tools, and working collaboratively with you and your customers, we express your personality and tell your brand story. Read insights how we do this in our article on Building Brands by Adding Personality and Telling Stories‘. This is based on a presentation given at The Chartered Institute of Marketing Northern Conference in Manchester.

Extend brands though clever innovation

Not all products are extendable and there are also risks in extending too far. So we work with you both to define your brand ‘magic’ and determine how best to grow your brand. Typically through evolving from a core promise or perception or to realise a brand vision. Read more about our approach to brand extension ; how to extend more successfully

Deliver great brand experiences through people power

Delivering consistently through all customer encounters is the first step towards building great service or experience brands. By working together, we help you align your marketing activities, and people to live your brand promise. In so doing, we also anticipate and help you avoid common pitfalls. Thus saving enormous sums of money and adding immense value.

Brand storytelling helps turn frogs to princes, prolong life and even slays competitors in the process.

How we help you?

Browse our brand development success stories to read some of the ways we’ve helped aspiring and global brands. Then get in touch to discuss your challenge or request an inspiring (and free) proposal.

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