Digital Marketing

Our media and digital marketing consultancy services span all media and digital sectors

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing involves attracting customers via electronic or digital media such as websites, social media, email and other digital media.

To succeed in this rapidly changing digital world you need a robust strategy, and in particular, a robust digital marketing strategy. Our view is that your website should be ‘marketing central’ – a shop window, or hub for all of your marketing activities. Why? Because customers frequently check-out offers online before purchasing. So this is your opportunity to put your best foot forward, and explain what makes your product or service different and better. It’s also an opportunity to add value, reassure, and build customer relationships. So even if they don’t need your product now, you’ve left the door open for a future conversation.

Digital marketing consultancy services

Our expert digital marketing consultants help at any point on your journey. For example:

Digital marketing audits

If you have a website, and other digital actvities in place, we can audit your what you are doing, and provide insights to improve your digital marketing effectiveness. This is also useful as part of a digital marketing strategy development process to establish ‘where you are now’.

Mapping customer journeys

Engaging prospects or customers as part of this process is often invaluable too. Through research we understand who different customer types are, their journey to discover and buy from you. Also what drives or inhibits behaviour at each stage. Then by blending insights from search term analysis, we pinpoint how to promote your business, to whom, and crucially why. Thus exceeding what’s possible from website analytics packages alone.

Digital marketing strategy

By understanding your business and marketing objectives in the round, also what’s working, and not, we craft clear digital marketing strategies. Thus guiding ‘how to’ build your business. Most likely this will encompass:

Throughout you”ll benefit from our digital marketing consultants hard won experience on what it takes to rank highly on Google, Bing et al. A key indicator of whether we can help you is our own search performance. So ‘google’ strategic marketing consultancy or a similar term to see for yourself.

Marketing metrics and training

We classify digital marketing as akin to ‘painting the Forth Road Bridge’. Thus we believe that you should be empowered to run your own show to continually improve digital marketing effectiveness. And in so doing gain an edge, and more bangs for your bucks.

We do this by establishing clear metrics to measure and manage digital marketing effectiveness and empowering you with tools and skills to succeed. We also do this via mentoring, running marketing masterclasses, or supporting you as interim marketing directors.

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