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Marketing Communication Strategy

What is great marketing communication?

Marketing communication spans all forms of promotion from advertising to sales promotion and public relations (PR). Effective marcomms transforms brand perceptions, catapults awareness, interest and demand as well as careers. All guided by a marketing communication strategy that defines both the target, message and also relevant media.

Clever targeting

The proliferation of media channels and digital devices has changed the way we communicate forever. So at the outset it is vital to understand your customers. Both who they are and also what influences their behaviour. Specifically the off-line and online consumer journey, and triggers and drivers to buy. This will reveal both messaging and media selection opportunities.

Persuasive messaging

We have an unusual and rigorous approach to develop effective messaging. Working with you, and over an extended period of time, our marketing and creative team create dozens, and sometimes over one hundred communication ideas. Then by using these creative stimuli in consumer research we identify the communication messages that really gain attention and persuade. This therefore enables us to provide crystal clear strategic marketing communication blueprints from which to create great campaigns. It is like creating a railway track for your marketing engine. Thus keeping you on track and potentially saving you a fortune.

Relevant media selection

Armed with clear insights on your target and what influences behaviour, we determine the most relevant media to get your message across. In particular, what gives the greatest audience reach. Also the best value impressions and outcomes (most likely in terms of sales). Then using the objective and task method and clever analytics we help you plan how, how much and also where to spend your money wisely.

How can we help you?

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