Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy defines ‘how to’ realise your goals

Typically, the most successful businesses create a marketing strategy or marketing strategies to provide blue-prints for growth. In other words, to plan ‘how to’ realise their goals.

Most simply marketing is a process to develop and promote products (or services) to match customers and their needs. It is also a process to put customers at the heart of your business.

Marketing strategy development therefore requires a combination of customer-driven, creative and analytical thinking. Our marketing strategy consultants do this by uncovering hard ‘facts’ on your customers and their needs.  Then by working closely with you we determine how best to meet them. As a result this often leads to better defined goals. Also strategies to strengthen your offer, and better promote your offer (Figure 1). Typically via one or more of the marketing mix (sometimes called the 5Ps or as we prefer, the 7Ps) (See Figure 1 below).

Hierarchy of marketing strategies, reproduced from The Marketing Director’s Handbook

Practical marketing strategic planning

A common pitfall is also to make decisions by ‘gut feel’. So as professional marketers, we therefore work with you, and customers, to understand what really drives demand, and doesn’t. Then we use the objective and task method to devise marketing plans that really deliver the numbers. This therefore enables us to recommend marketing strategies that really work.

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