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Tailor-made marketing workshops to solve (almost) any business problem!

Our marketing workshops are totally tailored to engage your team and address pressing problems. By combining a group of diverse individuals, and also using a range of structured thinking and creative tools we define issues, the causes behind the effects. In particular, we uncover new insights (opportunities) and generate new ideas. We then develop those ideas, and using simple analysis methods, decide the best option.

Run by our expert team, our marketing workshops are fun, cathartic, and also powerful in creating new solutions. We use them to develop business missions and visions, brands, new products, and services. Also to raise funds, build customer relationships and businesses, and plan research. Further, they get everyone on-board with a plan.

Creative tools for marketing workshops

Workshops work best by creating the right conditions for creativity. Our view is also that everyone can be creative with the right tools and in the right circumstances. Thus, we use different tools depending on the challenge at hand. For example, whether to uncover new insights or envision the future. Or disrupt market conventions or provoke the senses. Creative tools are also useful both before, during and after workshops, and as part of an overall project plan.

Creative tools

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