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Marketing Consultants

We’re a team of management and marketing consultants, researchers, strategists, creatives and digital experts. We’re curious, creative, enthusiastic and also highly commercial. All dedicated to improve your marketing effectiveness. With immense practical marketing experience in very many markets you can rely on us to understand and anticipate your challenges and inspire at every step on your journey. Read on and then just email or call us to discuss how we can help you.

Meet our marketing consultants

Guy Tomlinson, Chief Researcher and Marketing Consultant

Guy Tomlinson

Chief Researcher and Marketer, Managing Director
Tim Arnold, Digital Marketing Consultant and Director

Tim Arnold

Digital Marketing Consultant / Director
Geoff Dodds, Brand Marketing Consultant and Director

Geoff Dodds

Brand Marketing Consultant / Director
Simon Rowland, Brand Marketing Consultant and Director

Simon Rowland

Brand Marketing Consultant / Director

  • more about Guy

    As a marketing director, business planner and consultant Guy has helped aspiring and global brands and businesses in FMCG, business-to-business, media, technology and beyond. After graduating he started in brand management at Boots and Procter & Gamble. Then as a consultant and marketing director he worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KAE, New Solutions and Softvision. Guy is co-author of The Marketing Director’s Handbook and speaks and writes widely on research and marketing.

  • more about Tim

    Tim has immense creative and digital marketing expertise. After starting his career at Unilever he joined Wasey Campbell Ewald (part of the Interpublic Group) and soon became a Board member and head of the below the line group . For nearly twenty years Tim ran an independent marketing services agency group as well as helped start and head up The Institute of Sales Promotion. Tim is also Chairman of digital marketing agency, Sleeping Giant Media.

  • more about Geoff

    Geoff has three decades of experience in building corporate brands, sales, facilitating change and teaching. He has worked at the highest levels in several blue-chip organisations. Most recently he was head of brand at Lloyd’s of London and global brand director at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Geoff started his career in consumer goods at GlaxoSmithKline before moving into retail as marketing director at the Dixons Stores Group. Geoff has an MA in Oriental Studies.

  • more about Simon

    Simon’s career began in financial services, culminating in his leading Barclays’ successful global re-brand programme. Since then he has worked in consultancy roles with a variety of national and international businesses, with a focus on ‘bringing the outside in’ to help them build stronger, clearer propositions and create more compelling brands.

Janis Wilson, Research, Semiotics and Archetypology Consultant

Dr. Janis Wilson

Research, Semiotics and Brand Consultant / Director
Chris West, Research and Economics Consultant

Chris West

Research and Economics Consultant / Director
Mary Spence, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Consultant

Mary Spence

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Consultant / Director
Louize Gibson, Qualitative Research Consultant

Louize Gibson

Qualitative Research and Innovation Consultant / Director

  • more about Janis

    Dr. Janis is a highly experienced qualitative researcher and specialises in consumer behavioural and archetypal psychology, semiotics and the application of these disciplines to brand and communications strategy. She has conducted research throughout Europe and amassed diverse experience in markets including consumer goods, healthcare and media and through her earlier career in advertising planning and brand consultancy. By interpreting meanings in symbols and images, and how the brain processes visual and verbal information, she unearths fresh insights to inject extra personality and value to brands. Janis has degrees in physiology and biochemistry and qualifications in psychometrics, NLP, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

  • more about Chris

    Chris is a highly experienced researcher and economic analyst in markets where it is hard to find facts. In a career spanning 35 years, he has worked on a wide range of projects including customer satisfaction studies, tourism development, corporate recovery, diversification, market entry and new product launches. Previously he was Managing Director of Industrial Market Research (part of AGB), Marketing Intelligence Services and Competitive Intelligence Services. Chris is a graduate of the London School of Economics

  • more about Mary

    Mary has three decades experience in both qualitative and quantitative research and new product development. Mary has worked with many well known agencies including KAE, Diagnostics and Tangible as well as her own company McDonnell Spence. She has helped solve client problems in markets as diverse as consumer goods, healthcare and consumer, b2b and financial services both in the UK and beyond. She has a BA in Marketing

  • more about Louize

    Louize has two decades qualitative researcher and innovation experience. She trained at Hauck Research and subsequently moved to Added Value. During her career she has specialised in innovation and especially enjoys finding new ways of involving consumers in the creative process. Louize has worked on many well known brands and has huge experience in consumer goods, healthcare, media and services markets. She has a BA in Marketing and Theatre Studies

Nicky Miller, Research Recruitment Manager, Creative Consultant

Nicky Miller

Research Recruitment Manager / Creative Consultant / Director
Chris Yates, Statistician and Econometrics Consultant

Dr. Chris Yates

Statistician / Econometrics Consultant / Director
Sharon Wolf, Qualitative Research and Marketing Consultant

Sharon Wolf

Qualitative Research and Marketing Consultant / Director - USA
Emma Devine, Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant

Emma Devine

Graphic Designer / Creative Consultant / Director

  • more about Nicky

    Nick is our research recruitment manager and a creative helping develop research stimulus. After five years working for us she has built huge personal networks. Who she doesn’t know is nobody’s business. She started out in interior design working for top London firms and still drops names at every opportunity. Nick has a BA in Design

  • more about Chris

    Chris is an award winning and creative statistician with twenty years statistics and mathematical modelling experience. During his career he has undertaken complex statistical analyses, customer segmentations and created sales forecasts for commercial and non-profit organisations, national and local Government and the European Commission. All work involves using a unique combination of statistical techniques, such as multiple and non-linear regression, factor and cluster analysis, forecasting and time series. Chris started his career as a statistician for Unilever, the Meat and Livestock Commission and then as a Research Fellow at the University of Reading. He has a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics, an MSc in Applied Statistics and a PhD in Operations Research.

  • more about Sharon

    Sharon is one of the world’s leading qualitative and ethnographic researchers. Based on San Francisco and New York, she runs US projects as well as contributes to global studies. Previously Sharon was marketing director for Spicer and Oppenheim. She has also held leadership positions for ESOMAR and the American Marketing Association and was the founding Editor in Chief for QRCA Views (the journal of the US Qualitative Research Consultants Association). She has an MA in Literature and an MS in Psychology

  • more about Emma

    Emma is a very talented designer and specialises in graphic design for packaging, printed and digital media. She helps build arresting and engaging brands by bringing our strategies to life. Emma has had a passion for design since the age of ten and has won a hatful of awards in her still short career. Her successes include working for brands including Kelloggs, Mercedes, Jacobs Creek and Jordans. She has a BA in Applied Graphic Design