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Centre for Alternative Technology

Centre for Alternative Technology logo

How we helped put this eco charity on a firm footing and champion a zero carbon world


The Centre for Alternative Technology showcases sustainable building technologies in their visitor centre in rural Wales. They also run courses in sustainable building. They wanted help to put their charity on a firm financial footing, and thus better champion a sustainable future.


Multi-stage approach to:

First, primary research with key management and stakeholders, and secondary market and local catchment research to identify new business opportunities, and opportunities to better structure the charity and better market themselves.

Second, working collaboratively with the CEO, Chairman, to review and refresh their business strategy. Specifically to create compelling vision, mission, and set of guiding principles to help realise their goals.

Third, review and optimisation of advertising and promotion activities, particularly via Google Ads to boost requests for course prospecti and course sign-ups.


We identified several dozen opportunities and prioritised those most likely to boost demand and income quickly. We then focused marketing effort on realising those opportunities working with hand-in-hand with key management. Through optimising online advertising we helped exceed annual course targets within 3 months.

In addition, we helped finesse CAT’s mission, vision, and devised a more customer and stakeholder focused organisation structure. All instilled renewed enthusiasm and also focused collective energy to champion a zero carbon world.  Read more about and visit the Centre for Alternative Technology

Process Bliss

Process Bliss Software Development Success Story


Having developed prototype ‘business process’ software, our client wanted to explore opportunities for the software, and then specify, and develop a marketing strategy to commercialise it.


3 stage research and software development approach:

First, we worked with our client to create research stimuli bringing-to-life the software idea, what it does, and how it worked. This comprised one page software summaries, a list of features and benefits as well as wireframes or screen-grabs.

Second, depth interviews (over two dozen) with a range of potential business customers and covering a range of industry sectors. The purpose of research was to understand businesses needs, issues and frustrations. Also reactions to the software idea and details. This enabled us to create an outline marketing strategy; target market ‘sweet-spot’ and software development specification to focus coding activity.

software development specification

In a subsequent stage, we compiled further stimuli covering brand names, communications, more detailed software screen-grabs, and pricing. All was explored with a further sample of the priority target groups (again around two dozen). The aim was to assess what resonated most and what didn’t. This then allowed us to recommend an ‘optimal’ software development specification, brand proposition, communications and pricing.


Our work gave management confidence to establish a new business and software brand. Called Process Bliss, it is a simple way to help teams work together and do great work. It works by embedding simple processes and workflows to undertake key tasks. Thus empowering those new to roles, and boosting business efficiency and effectiveness, while keeping everyone in the loop. Read more about how Process Bliss works and schedule a discovery call or start a free trial.

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Interface Exhibitions, Events and Interiors

Interface Worldwide Events and Exhibitions


To better differentiate Interface, and attract more exhibitions, events and interiors clients. However, mid-way through our work, the world was struck by Covid-19, and the exhibitions’ sector shut-down. The focus of our work therefore switched to both short and long-term planning.


Multi-stage approach involving close working with the client management team. Also website and search engine performance analysis. Then client and prospect research, strategy development and website revitalisation.

First, management team interviews to understand strengths, weaknesses, what worked and could be improved. Then as lock-down eased, research depth interviews with a score of clients and prospects to understand their experiences and service needs in the future.  These covered companies in several countries. As a result this allowed us to develop new strategies to better meet the needs of customers. In particular, to convey Interface’s capabilities and boost business efficiency, combat the utilitarian nature of the market and boost marketing effectiveness.


Outcomes included a new advertising campaign targeted at local businesses and which also championed Interface’s interiors capability.

Also a new website promoting their unusual ability to create, build and deliver distinctive and emotionally engaging experiences.

Interface Worldwide Success Story

This inspired an immediate and significant jump in search traffic. High search levels and enquiries continue beyond the pandemic. Check out Interface Worldwide for inspiring exhibitions, events and interiors  for your brand.

Nile and York

Nile and York logo

How we helped a designer textile brand expand globally


To build on the UK and European footprint, strengthen international distribution and presence, and also cement customer relationships.

Interior Design Services Marketing | Nile and York

Nile and York’s elegant website and fabrics


  • Analysis of issues and opportunities with CEO/management team.
  • Developed plans to build awareness and interest while mitigating risks.
  • Provided guidance and advice to create new marketing materials.
  • International promotion to raise brand awareness, interest, generate leads and also build and cement customer relationships.


New trade marketing communication campaign implemented globally. As a result, this rapidly raised awareness and interest of this designer textile brand. It also boosted distribution in new markets such as the USA, and helped cement customer relationships. Today, Nile and York continues to carve a niche, and also win acclaim for its range of stylish fabrics and new wallpapers.

Check out the beautiful range of Nile and York small print chintz and sateen fabrics and wallpapers. With a range of nine designs and also six colours there is bound to be one to enhance your home.

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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMA logo | Professional Services Marketing Success Story

How we researched and developed a new global professional services marketing campaign


Having concerns about the effectiveness about their current advertising, CIMA wanted to understand how it worked, understand accounting students, and also their student journey. In particular, to develop a new and effective strategy and campaign to attract more students.


Professional services marketing success story

Professional services marketing success story | How we helped CIMA research and develop a new global ad campaign and increase members

  • Interactive workshop followed by team working to create brand positionings and also advertising ideas.
  • Qualitative international management team depths, student creative workshops (group discussions) and depth interviews. This enabled us to pinpoint the target market sweet-spot, understand the customer journey, and develop a brand strategy. This then inspired ..
  • Further marketing communication development followed by quantitative research in 8 countries: UK, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa and UAE.  Three different agencies were challenged to develop creative work to match our brief and compare with ideas developed thus far.
  • Finally research analysis followed by a management team debrief.


Through our work we identified key motivations and barriers to taking CIMA qualifications. Also a blueprint to enable consistent and distinctive global brand communication covering rational and emotional benefits, personality and style and tone. In turn this inspired a new advertising campaign which launched globally. As a result student acquisitions grew by 15% in year one. This exceeded the goals originally set.

Considering a career as a management accountant? Visit the CIMA Global website.

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GSK logo | Healthcare marketing success story

How we helped increase sales by nine-fold in three years

personal care marketing consultancy

GlaxoSmithKline Corega


Faced with low consumer penetration and demanding targets, GlaxoSmithKline wanted to understand consumer motivations, and potential barriers, to a new personal care product. In addition, to devise strategies to increase product penetration in Central & Eastern European markets.


  • Collaborative working to develop hypotheses, create stimuli and plan international research.
  • Research took place in 3 countries; Russia, Poland and Hungary. All consumers also ‘tried’ the product before research. Research methods also included in-facility paired depths, group discussions, and in-home observation. Observations allowed us to film respondents using products.
  • Video editing of consumers in Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia. This helped bring-to-life our findings and also better brief UK based colleagues.
  • Research analysis, then an initial debrief, followed by an international marketing team presentation.


Identified compelling needs and product benefits. In turn this also informed marketing strategy and communication development. In so doing, we drew global management attention to the growth potential of this ‘overlooked’ market.
As a result, a new advertising campaign was created and then aired across Eastern Europe. This inspired a nine-fold sales increase in three years.

Watch the Ukrainian Corega advertising.

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Berenberg Bank

Berenberg logo | Telephony marketing success story

How we’re helping build a pioneering reputation in investment research

Background and challenge

Berenberg Bank is a global investment bank. The telephony team wanted to uncover insights on demand and income potential. Also to understand drivers and barriers to bundling fixed line, mobile telephony, broadband and television services. This would input to an equity investment analysis and report for their clients.

Telephony market research approach

  • Initial discussions to agree objectives and devise quantitative survey questionnaires.
  • Survey translation, coding and testing.
  • Conducted fieldwork in several countries; UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany
  • Devised quantitative analysis specifications, and also cross-tabulations.
  • Analysis, report copywriting and finally production.


telephony market research

Contributed many insights on drivers and barriers to, and also the financial implications of bundling telephony and TV services. For example, across all the markets surveyed, customers’ desire for bundled services, increases as customers experience more bundled services. As a result we predict more mergers, acquisitions and strategic relationships among telephony and television providers.

Berenberg’s reports continue to help build a pioneering reputation in equity research and investment.

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Department for Education

Dept for education logo | Marketing success story | Dept for Education

How we researched teachers and devised strategies to increase technology use in schools


To understand the drivers and barriers to increasing adoption and usage of virtual learning platforms. Also the role of parental reporting in schools. All specifically to improve educational outcomes.

technology marketing consultancy

Using information and communication technology (ICT) in schools


  • Collaborative working session to insights on school’s experiences using virtual learning platforms. In particular, on issues and opportunities.
  • Creative development of offer and communications stimulus.
  • Group and depth teacher research programme involving primary, secondary and also special schools. Teachers were also asked to undertake a range of pre-tasks before attending discussions to familiarise themselves with potential issues and opportunities.
  • Analysis and debrief findings and conclusions.


Revealed school and teacher motivations and barriers to using information and communication technology (ICT). Insights included the importance of tangible services to support schools and also what were the most persuasive technology marketing messages.
We also recommended policies and communication strategies to maximise school, teacher and educational benefits from ICT.

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General Register Office

Home office logo | Public sector marketing success story

How we diagnosed sales drivers and barriers in family history research


Faced with falling income, the General Register Office (GRO) (part of the Home Office) wanted to understand the family history market and the customer journey. In particular, the use of birth, death and marriage (BMD) certificates, and drivers and barriers to sales and cost recovery.

Family History Research

Researching family history researchers


  • Initial working session followed by secondary research to understand the market, key competitors and also BMD sales drivers and barriers. This involved regression analysis to determine sales causes and effects.
  • Qualitative research with genealogists through to novice researchers to understand customers and influencers. Also the family history research journey, salience and role of GRO and reasons for using or not using BMDs.
  • Followed by creation of range of BMD services and delivery methods.
  • Then finally quantitative research, conjoint analysis and econometric modelling to quantify usage and attitudes, BMD sales drivers and barriers, determine strategic product, communication and pricing policies, and analyse and forecast 5 year demand for BMD services and revenue.


Created  mathematical formulae and statistical models to predict future sales by analysing and also correlating sales and effects over 10 years.
In addition, provided new insights on existing and potential family history researchers, the market and BMD sales drivers and barriers.
Devised new product, promotion and pricing strategies to meet the GRO’s public sector marketing objectives. These then provided a foundation and focus for growth.

To trace your family tree use the General Register Office‘s services – as used exclusively by a very large proportion of genealogists.

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Lypsyl logo | Toiletries marketing success story

How we researched and developed a strategy to expand a brand in new international markets

Lypsyl product range

Lypsyl product range


To understand the global lip-care market, key trends, and also competitor strengths and weaknesses. All in order to focus Lypsyl brand development and international expansion.


  • Secondary research plus management team interviews to obtain supplementary insights and also discuss issues and opportunities.
  • Review of internal sales and market information.
  • Review of secondary toiletries marketing and research sources. These included libraries, the Internet, retail trade, companies’ websites, and also published research.
  • Creation of spreadsheet model to analyse and prioritise market opportunities. This covered some 100 markets or countries.
  • Analysis followed finally by a debrief and working session.


Provided comprehensive understanding on international lip-care markets and prioritised market entry opportunities. Also provided insight platforms and recommendations to develop the Lypsyl brand. Lypsyl has now been relaunched and successfully expanded into new international markets.

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