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Berenberg Bank

Berenberg logo | Telephony marketing success story

How we’re helping build a pioneering reputation in investment research

Background and challenge

Berenberg Bank is a global investment bank. The telephony team wanted to uncover insights on demand and income potential. Also to understand drivers and barriers to bundling fixed line, mobile telephony, broadband and television services. This would input to an equity investment analysis and report for their clients.

Telephony market research approach

  • Initial discussions to agree objectives and devise quantitative survey questionnaires.
  • Survey translation, coding and testing.
  • Conducted fieldwork in several countries; UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany
  • Devised quantitative analysis specifications, and also cross-tabulations.
  • Analysis, report copywriting and finally production.


telephony market research

Contributed many insights on drivers and barriers to, and also the financial implications of bundling telephony and TV services. For example, across all the markets surveyed, customers’ desire for bundled services, increases as customers experience more bundled services. As a result we predict more mergers, acquisitions and strategic relationships among telephony and television providers.

Berenberg’s reports continue to help build a pioneering reputation in equity research and investment.

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BBC Match of the Day

Match of the Day logo | Magazine marketing success story

How we researched and helped develop a new magazine


Match of the Day is the BBC’s flagship football programme. A earlier attempt to expand the brand was unsuccessful and a new opportunity foreseen in the teenage publishing and online market.


To understand the market for football news and gossip, and also identify gaps in the market for a new multi-media football offer.

magazine market research

BBC Match of the Day Magazine

Magazine Market Research Approach: Three stage process:

  • Research planning session to decide issues and opportunities to explore and also create/compile new ‘offer’ stimuli.
  • Group and depth insight programme. Methods included paired depths with pairs tasked as investigative journalists, and groups with respondents asked to complete football and football media diaries. In addition, paired father and son depth interviews and individual football enthusiast interviews. These respondents were also asked to buy and review magazines.
  • Working session to debrief findings, conclusions and recommendations.


Identified opportunities and created blue-print for new Match of the Day magazine and website targeted at tweens.
The magazine launched in 2008. In year 1, sales amassed c. £8.5m thus enabling it to vye for category leadership.

Read BBC Match of the Day magazine

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Department for Education

Dept for education logo | Marketing success story | Dept for Education

How we researched teachers and devised strategies to increase technology use in schools


To understand the drivers and barriers to increasing adoption and usage of virtual learning platforms. Also the role of parental reporting in schools. All specifically to improve educational outcomes.

technology marketing consultancy

Using information and communication technology (ICT) in schools


  • Collaborative working session to insights on school’s experiences using virtual learning platforms. In particular, on issues and opportunities.
  • Creative development of offer and communications stimulus.
  • Group and depth teacher research programme involving primary, secondary and also special schools. Teachers were also asked to undertake a range of pre-tasks before attending discussions to familiarise themselves with potential issues and opportunities.
  • Analysis and debrief findings and conclusions.


Revealed school and teacher motivations and barriers to using information and communication technology (ICT). Insights included the importance of tangible services to support schools and also what were the most persuasive technology marketing messages.
We also recommended policies and communication strategies to maximise school, teacher and educational benefits from ICT.

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General Register Office

Home office logo | Public sector marketing success story

How we diagnosed sales drivers and barriers in family history research


Faced with falling income, the General Register Office (GRO) (part of the Home Office) wanted to understand the family history market and the customer journey. In particular, the use of birth, death and marriage (BMD) certificates, and drivers and barriers to sales and cost recovery.

Family History Research

Researching family history researchers


  • Initial working session followed by secondary research to understand the market, key competitors and also BMD sales drivers and barriers. This involved regression analysis to determine sales causes and effects.
  • Qualitative research with genealogists through to novice researchers to understand customers and influencers. Also the family history research journey, salience and role of GRO and reasons for using or not using BMDs.
  • Followed by creation of range of BMD services and delivery methods.
  • Then finally quantitative research, conjoint analysis and econometric modelling to quantify usage and attitudes, BMD sales drivers and barriers, determine strategic product, communication and pricing policies, and analyse and forecast 5 year demand for BMD services and revenue.


Created  mathematical formulae and statistical models to predict future sales by analysing and also correlating sales and effects over 10 years.
In addition, provided new insights on existing and potential family history researchers, the market and BMD sales drivers and barriers.
Devised new product, promotion and pricing strategies to meet the GRO’s public sector marketing objectives. These then provided a foundation and focus for growth.

To trace your family tree use the General Register Office‘s services – as used exclusively by a very large proportion of genealogists.

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The Famous Five

Famous Five logo | Media marketing success story | How we revitalised a world famous brand

How we revitalised a world famous brand

media marketing consultancy success story | The Famous Five on the Case

Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five on the Case


To revitalise the Famous Five and to accelerate brand growth. Also called the Le Club Cinq in France and Fünf Freunde in Germany.


  • Initial marketing workshop to consider where the brand was now and where it could go in the future.
  • Extended creativity to express stories, settings, characters, and also communications. This inspired a range of innovative research stimuli.
  • Creative workshops with children and adults in UK, France and Germany. All were pretasked to read one of the books. The aim was to understand brand reactions, and also use consumers as co-creators to define where the brand should go in the future.
  • Research analysis and finally a debrief to share brand development findings, conclusions and recommendations.


‘Suspense’ identified as key insight for developing the Famous Five as a brand. We also recommended a blue-print to inform tv programme, new product and brand development covering positioning, story, characters, style and tone, and also settings. Our media marketing work resulted in a new animated (CGI) tv series which aired on Disney Channels globally.

Watch episode 1 of The Famous Five on the Case.

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The Chartered Institute of Marketing

The Chartered Institute of Marketing logo

How we’re helping boost marketing performance and careers

Marketing training courses

Strategic marketing masterclasses with Guy Tomlinson


To help senior marketing executives create and deliver distinctive customer (brand) experiences and marketing communications. In particular, by developing two advanced-level marketing masterclasses.


    • Created and delivered highly interactive two 2 day strategic marketing training courses. These enable learning by ‘discovery and doing’ rather than ‘chalk and talk’!
    • Delegates also leave the course with a workbook, and new skills, and experience to take back to the workplace.



Professionals from a wide range of sectors and countries enabled to create effective marketing communications and deliver distinctive customer experiences.
Delegate ratings are also 85-100% and at the top end of CIM performance measures.
Course intellectual property is inspired and also owned by The Marketing Directors.

Read more about our Brand Masterclass to create and deliver distinctive customer experiences. Also our Marketing Communications Masterclass to create cut-through communications.

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