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Buckinghamshire Council

Buckinghamshire marketing success story | How we helped Buckinghamshire Family Information Service improve the service and value for money

How we helped improve public services and value for money

Background and challenge

With pressure on public finances, both national and local Government wish to contain costs and also maximise cost recovery.


To understand family information and service needs and assess awareness. Also usage, drivers and barriers to use Buckinghamshire Family Information Service.


Buckinghamshire Family Information Service website


  • Management team discussions to identify issues and opportunities to improve service appeal and generate income.
  • Research included depths with parents of pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school age children. Also businesses targeting families in the county.
  • Online quantitative research survey covering adults in local authority areas in and also around Buckinghamshire.
  • Analysis of findings and production of marketing recommendations. These were finally delivered in a face-to-face management meeting.


Our work bench-marked Buckinghamshire Family Information Service performance, information and service needs, usage and drivers and barriers. As a result this revealed many insights on geo-demographic penetration differences. It also spotlighted opportunities to improve online information provision, service value, develop new business services and help recover costs.

The Buckinghamshire Family Information Service provides lots of ideas on fun family activities in Buckinghamshire.

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