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How we inspired a new-to-world paint

decorating marketing consultancy - Dulux Sterishield

Dulux Sterishield


Dulux wanted to fill their new product pipeline in order to secure future business growth.


  • Initial internal consultation to determine what was known and unknown in order to create and focus our research
  • Wide-ranging trade and decorating marketing research programme to identify unmet, and new needs, for paint and trade decorating materials. Research involved both consumers and trade opinion leaders including architects, surveyors, builders, and design agencies. Methods included depth interviews, group discussions and also observing building and decorating works (ethnography).
  • Analysis and presentation of findings using giant ‘insight’ boards. These aided further product development.


Over a dozen insights revealed to inspire product development. As a result, we spotted opportunities to fill the company new product pipeline for several years. One particular opportunity that we inspired includes a ‘new-to-world’ paint product that inhibits MRSA. Following exhaustive hospital tests, it is now realising its multi-million pound global potential.It is called Dulux Sterishield. Many other significant decorating marketing and organisation opportunities were also revealed.

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