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Interface Exhibitions, Events and Interiors


To better differentiate Interface, and attract more exhibitions, events and interiors clients. However, mid-way through our work, the world was struck by Covid-19, and the exhibitions’ sector shut-down. The focus of our work therefore switched to both short and long-term planning.


Multi-stage approach involving close working with the client management team. Also website and search engine performance analysis. Then client and prospect research, strategy development and website revitalisation.

First, management team interviews to understand strengths, weaknesses, what worked and could be improved. Then as lock-down eased, research depth interviews with a score of clients and prospects to understand their experiences and service needs in the future.  These covered companies in several countries. As a result this allowed us to develop new strategies to better meet the needs of customers. In particular, to convey Interface’s capabilities and boost business efficiency, combat the utilitarian nature of the market and boost marketing effectiveness.


Outcomes included a new advertising campaign targeted at local businesses and which also championed Interface’s interiors capability.

Also a new website promoting their unusual ability to create, build and deliver distinctive and emotionally engaging experiences.

Interface Worldwide Success Story

This inspired an immediate and significant jump in search traffic. High search levels and enquiries continue beyond the pandemic. Check out Interface Worldwide for inspiring exhibitions, events and interiors  for your brand.