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Guys and Dolls Casting

How we helped a TV and film casting agency achieve record placements


Guys and Dolls Casting provides supporting artistes (SAs) to the television and film business.


To grow the customer base of Assistant Directors (ADs) in TV and film, and also provide even more supporting and featured artistes to TV and film productions.


  • Review of company and market situation with the CEO, including financials, customers and productions served, and also strengths and weaknesses.
  • Depth interviews with a range of Assistant Directors (mainly 2nds/3rds, some 1sts) in TV, film and commercials sectors. Our aim was to understand their needs, attitudes, behaviour. And also reactions to proposed new Guys and Dolls Casting services.
  • Analysis of findings and production of recommendations to better meet AD’s needs.
  • Also analysed online marketing performance. And then developed communication strategy and plans to refresh the website, increase awareness of services (such as new Extras Manager), and leads.
Guys and Dolls Casting Agency Website

Guys and Dolls has built an envious reputation for supplying fabulous extras; high calibre supporting srtistes and crowd for feature films, television programmes and commercials.


Marketing collateral, processes and resources put in place to grow the business. As a result, in 2019, the team smashed previous records for getting SAs and featured artistes on set. Lots more artistes are also being lined up for 2020 productions.

If you need professional supporting artistes or want to be one, get in touch with Guys and Dolls Casting.

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