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Marlow Monster Fireworks Show


To create an engaging event for the local community, boost interest and trial of new sports, and local clubs. Also to raise the profile of Marlow Sports Club, and raise funds to pay back the land purchase cost


It all started with an idea from a tennis club member who is a qualified pyrotechnician. Thereafter, we set out to fill a gap in the local market. Also to create a distinctive experience to inspire kids and adults alike. Nearly 9 months of planning goes into staging the show. It is an organisational challenge led by members of Marlow Tennis Club, and also involving help from all other sporting sections.
Marketing promotion aims to reach over 90% of the community half a dozen times in the 2 weeks before the show.
The offer itself is also designed to involve local sports clubs, great music, as well as purveyors of fine local beers, wine and food.

Marlow Monster Fireworks Show


The Marlow Monster Fireworks Show is now in its 6th year. From a standing start, attendance has grown every year, and visitors now include over 10% of the local community.  As a result, it has raised over £30,000 to pay back Marlow Sports Club’s land purchase cost. Thus also helping to provide a lasting legacy for the local community.

The 2021 show is on Saturday 6th November; for advance tickets, visit the Marlow Monster Fireworks Show ticketing website. Thankyou for supporting the cause.

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