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Pauline Quirke Academy

How we helped an amazing brand treble sales in four years


The Pauline Quirke Academy for Performing Arts is a small business with big ambitions. Their success to date has been driven by their entrepreneurial team. With no professional in-house marketing competence PQA also relied on management judgement and design agencies to grow. Concerned about becoming stale they wanted to make sure they had effective plans to drive growth.

Marketing challenge

To double turnover and the number of academies from 50 to 100 in 3 years.


performing arts marketing

One of PQA’s promotion flyers

  • Research-led; secondary research and analysis of media costs and impacts, customer leads and sign-ups by drive-time. This clarified the geo-demographic target market for new Academy openings. It also inspired more cost-effective media strategies and plans.
  • Primary research among Academy principals, students and parents (both new, current and lapsed, also new, high and weaker performing academies). This helped understand product and promotion strengths and weaknesses, and also performance drivers/barriers.
  • Created mini advertisements and leaflets to help understand student and parent needs and also define the most compelling brand messages.
  • Recruited in-house marketing team to improve marketing capabilities, and also foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Identified the most motivating ideas to position and promote the brand and deliver a distinctive brand experience. As a result, we launched a new performing arts marketing campaign and student numbers increased c. 20% after the Autumn opening season. Since the first marketing hire, the team has grown to 7 executives over four years. All are highly motivated, and also focused on delivering an amazing brand experience. In addition, overall student numbers, and sales have more than trebled.

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