Livv Homes

How we helped inspire a new social enterprise


With origins as a housing association, Livv Homes (was First Ark) is a pioneering social enterprise based in Knowsley, Lancashire.


To help Livv Homes establish a clear, motivating and unifying direction. Also to develop strategies to better meet customer and stakeholder needs and improve marketing capability.

First Ark, a pioneering social enterprise



Helped First Ark (now called the Livv Housing Group) understand how to think from a customer point of view and discover the benefits in so doing.
Established a clear and challenging mission to inspire the management team and organisation at large to develop their exciting social enterprise. As a result this sets a new high standard for the way the organisation works and has potential to transform the local economy.
Also established new marketing strategy, brand strategy and plans to ensure concrete and steady progress to achieve desired financial and customer outcomes.

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