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Process Bliss


Having developed prototype ‘business process’ software, our client wanted to explore opportunities for the software, and then specify, and develop a marketing strategy to commercialise it.


3 stage research and software development approach:

First, we worked with our client to create research stimuli bringing-to-life the software idea, what it does, and how it worked. This comprised one page software summaries, a list of features and benefits as well as wireframes or screen-grabs.

Second, depth interviews (over two dozen) with a range of potential business customers and covering a range of industry sectors. The purpose of research was to understand businesses needs, issues and frustrations. Also reactions to the software idea and details. This enabled us to create an outline marketing strategy; target market ‘sweet-spot’ and software development specification to focus coding activity.

software development specification

In a subsequent stage, we compiled further stimuli covering brand names, communications, more detailed software screen-grabs, and pricing. All was explored with a further sample of the priority target groups (again around two dozen). The aim was to assess what resonated most and what didn’t. This then allowed us to recommend an ‘optimal’ software development specification, brand proposition, communications and pricing.


Our work gave management confidence to establish a new business and software brand. Called Process Bliss, it is a simple way to help teams work together and do great work. It works by embedding simple processes and workflows to undertake key tasks. Thus empowering those new to roles, and boosting business efficiency and effectiveness, while keeping everyone in the loop. Read more about how Process Bliss works and schedule a discovery call or start a free trial.

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