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Spid the Spider


Spid the Spider is a character devised by author John Eaton. John asked us to help launch his children’s books and music to the world.


Initially we researched mums, dads, and teachers with children across a range of age groups.  Firstly, we asked them to chose, read and review the stories. Then via Zoom discussions, we understood their needs and reactions to the stories and illustrations. This enabled us to determine the optimum target market and what made the books different and better. Also to guide how to improve the stories and build a compelling ‘brand’ proposition.

Subsequently, working closely with the author, John Eaton, and some fantastic copy editors, illustrators and animators, we worked up a series story arc, optimised the stories, created illustration briefs, and artwork for the books.  Thus far resulting in eleven books with a further four stories at various development stages and due to publish in 2024-2025. 

All books are promoted in phases; first via book trade cataloguing systems, and to the book trade, then to book reviewers, influencers and finally to consumers. We manage awareness and interest raising activity working with social media experts and media companies. This includes social media promotion via all main consumer and B2B channels, via advertising, partner collaborations and also via in-store display.

As all books include songs, with the animated music videos of the songs are accessible by scanning QR codes, these have also been packaged as singles and albums, and promoted via music videos. 

We also produce fun children’s activities to further engage and help them learn to read, grow and succeed in life. These are available on Spid’s website. 

Works for new authors and television scripts are also under development.


Spid, a lowly spider, who loves to write songs and wants to better himself, though he is prone to hilarious mishaps mostly of his own making. His books are great fun for mums and dads to read with their children and are unusual in empowering them to read, grow and succeed in life.

We had a blast reading this and I love the QR codes that link to the songs. The kids immediately had a dance party! I especially love the message about stealing, how it effects others, and forgiving those who try to make things right. We had a class discussion about that after which was really great.

Kris Plazier, Primary School Teacher and Blogger, The Children’s Bookshelf

The first eleven children’s books are available globally via stores including Foyles, Waterstones, WHSmith, Blackwells, Amazon and The twelfth book Spid the Spider Joins Sir Francis Duck and His Pirates  launches in July 2024. In this story, Spid decides to spend a day fly fishing with his friends, but the ferry isn’t running because of bad weather. So when a kindly stranger offers them a free ride on his big ship, Spid’s delighted. However, nothing is as it seems. And as a fog rolls in across the sea, Spid and the gang find themselves in very deep water …

Spid’s songs are also available individually and in two albums.  His debut album, We’re Having Fun includes the single, I’m Having Fun. His second album is called The Fun Goes On.  Hear Spid’s songs via music streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. And watch the music video for Spid’s debut single below.  Thus far Spid has amassed over 4.5k followers on You Tube.

Four further books, and a third album publish in 2024-5. Read more about Spid’s children’s books and parent and teacher resources on his website.