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Spid the Spider


Spid the Spider is a character devised by author John Eaton. John asked us to help launch his children’s books and music to the world.


Ongoing operational and strategic marketing working closely with the author, John Eaton. Initially we researched mums and dads with children across a range of age groups. We asked them to read and review Spid’s books and then discussed and understood their needs and reactions. This enabled us to determine what made Spid’s books different and better, and also guide how to improve the books and  promote them.

Subsequently, we’ve worked up series storylines and enhanced the illustrations working with fantastic copy editors and illustrators. Book trade promotion continues to boost listings and consumer and influencer promotion continues to raise awareness and interest in Spid. This includes promotion via Spid’s own website, social media, broader PR, and advertising.

Spid the Spider Has a Day Off


Spid’s first book Spid the Spider Has a Day Off is now available at all good book stores. Spid is attracting a growing social media following and acclaim. 

The book is absolutely fabulous. I read it to Isla and she loves it too. The world needs to know about it because it’s going to make a lot of kids very happy. I predict the next Mr Men level. Amazing.

His debut album, features songs from Spid’s first five books, We’re Having Fun. This includes his debut single, I’m Having Fun. Find them at all good music download and streaming services. Watch the music video of Spid’s debut single here.

Read more about Spid’s adventures for children on his website.