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Department for Education

How we researched teachers and devised strategies to increase technology use in schools


To understand the drivers and barriers to increasing adoption and usage of virtual learning platforms. Also the role of parental reporting in schools. All specifically to improve educational outcomes.

technology marketing consultancy

Using information and communication technology (ICT) in schools


  • Collaborative working session to insights on school’s experiences using virtual learning platforms. In particular, on issues and opportunities.
  • Creative development of offer and communications stimulus.
  • Group and depth teacher research programme involving primary, secondary and also special schools. Teachers were also asked to undertake a range of pre-tasks before attending discussions to familiarise themselves with potential issues and opportunities.
  • Analysis and debrief findings and conclusions.


Revealed school and teacher motivations and barriers to using information and communication technology (ICT). Insights included the importance of tangible services to support schools and also what were the most persuasive technology marketing messages.
We also recommended policies and communication strategies to maximise school, teacher and educational benefits from ICT.

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