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Berenberg Bank

How we’re helping build a pioneering reputation in investment research

Background and challenge

Berenberg Bank is a global investment bank. The telephony team wanted to uncover insights on demand and income potential. Also to understand drivers and barriers to bundling fixed line, mobile telephony, broadband and television services. This would input to an equity investment analysis and report for their clients.

Telephony market research approach

  • Initial discussions to agree objectives and devise quantitative survey questionnaires.
  • Survey translation, coding and testing.
  • Conducted fieldwork in several countries; UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany
  • Devised quantitative analysis specifications, and also cross-tabulations.
  • Analysis, report copywriting and finally production.


telephony market research

Contributed many insights on drivers and barriers to, and also the financial implications of bundling telephony and TV services. For example, across all the markets surveyed, customers’ desire for bundled services, increases as customers experience more bundled services. As a result we predict more mergers, acquisitions and strategic relationships among telephony and television providers.

Berenberg’s reports continue to help build a pioneering reputation in equity research and investment.

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