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Increasing demand for great service experiences

In developed Western markets services account for the lion’s share of gross domestic product. In the UK services specifically account for just over 80% (*). Further, as customers experience great service in one sector they expect it in the next. So whether in business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) services, it is increasingly important to deliver a great service brand experience.

Pioneering service brand marketing methods

Firstly, our approach is to help you understand customer needs, and to better satisfy customers. We do this through satisfaction surveys, either qualitative and / or quantitative research. Secondly, we understand what sets services apart. In particular, as services are a ‘bundle’ of different features and benefits, we determine what drives stand-out, emotional engagement, and demand. Thus revealing blue-prints for brands. As a result, this helps you better focus resources and persuade. And thus win and retain more customers. We do this from a blank sheet of paper and also by improving existing services. For more insights on the former, read our QRCA Views article on Branded Service Innovation.

Service marketing success stories

Over 40 years our service brand marketing consultants have amassed immense expertise in helping both b2b and also b2c brands. And covering both traditional and digital channels. Our expertise also spans markets both in the UK and beyond. Including automotive, energy, financial, leisure, retail, travel and also professional services. So now read some of our success stories. And then get in touch for a free consultation.

Merlin EntertainmentsThe Chartered Institute of ManagementHome Office
Leisure marketing success story


How we increased loyalty to Merlin’s attractions

professional service marketing consultancy success story


How we researched and also helped develop a new global communication campaign

public service marketing success story


How we diagnosed sales drivers and barriers in family history research

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* Office of National Statistics