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Brand Positioning; Transform Your Brand into a Super Brand by Adding Brand Personality

Brand Strategy; Transform brands into superbrands with brand personality
Standing out from the crowd is tough! It is common to find products, services and brands making the same claims. In other words, occupying the same brand positioning spaces. For example, almost every business service claims to improve business efficiency. In consumer goods, almost eve
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Brand Strategy : Scottish Independence vs. Better Together

Scottish Independence Referendum
Battle of the nation brands The Scottish electorate vote on the question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ on Thursday 18th September 2015. The UK Government state that if a simple majority of the votes cast are in favour of independence, then “Scotland woul
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Investing Brand Personality: How Kulula Stands-Out in South African Skies

Kulula brand personality
Investing a brand personality is an under-estimated way to help set brands apart and engage customers. is an airline that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its humorous brand personality is clear through all aspects of the brand experience. So how did this all begin?
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Marketing Christmas with Music

Using music for marketing
SFX: Christmas Bells Ring, ring. Ring, ring! Music has long been associated with Christmas, and Christmas with music. The first specifically Christmas hymns (carols) for Christians appeared in the fourth century. Music is also a terrific gift; the size of the market increases in the r
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