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Brand Extension Strategies; How to Extend More Successfully?

Brand extension strategies
There is no single approach to brand extension, but what are the factors that drive success? Let's start with some examples.
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Brand Storytelling ; Turn Frogs to Princes and Live Happily Ever After

Brand storytelling | Saint George and the Dragon by Paolo Uccello.
Storytelling predates writing; the earliest forms were spoken, combined with gestures and expressions. They also include fairy tales, myths, legends and many of religious origin. There is much to learn from stories. Thus with brand storytelling it is possible to transform a brand from
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Brand Positioning; Transform Your Brand into a Super Brand by Adding Brand Personality

Superman has a distinctive brand positioning amongst comic book heroes
Standing out from the crowd is tough! It is therefore common to find products, services and brands making the same claims. In other words, occupying the same brand positioning spaces. For example, almost every business service claims to improve business efficiency. Further, in consume
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Political Branding ; Scottish Independence vs. Better Together

Scotland brand positioning
Battle of the nation brands The Scottish electorate voted on the question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ on Thursday 18th September 2015. The UK Government stated that if a simple majority of the votes cast were in favour of independence, then “Scotland would becom
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Nation Branding ; From Cows to Countries and Beyond

Branding cattle - one of the first forms of branding
Branding started with cattle and has evolved to embrace products, services, personalities and now countries. What's the next challenge - Planet Earth?
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