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Marketing and Politics ; What Can Marketers Learn from the 2019 UK General Election Result?

Marketing politics : Huw Edwards hosting the BBC General Election coverage
We’re marketing folk, rather than politicians, so think in a particular way. We also have roots across the country, and don’t live in the London bubble. So reflecting on marketing politics over the last 5 weeks, and Government, since the EU Referendum, this is to share our
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The UK Productivity Conundrum; Eight Insights for UK plc

  • Productive worker bee on lavender
Since 2008, UK productivity has failed to follow the previous 10 year plus trend line. Exactly why productivity has failed to grow is a hot political issue and much debated by economists. We therefore thought it helpful to have a view. If we approached the subject from a marketing poi
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Brexit Planning; Time for UK business to embrace the world

Brexit - UK business and marketers should embrace the world l World of flags
On June 23rd 2016 the UK decided to leave the EU. So what does this mean for UK businesses and marketers? The consensus expect a period of uncertainty as everyone digests the facts, and devise strategies to manage the risks and plan a way forward. But with Brexit looming on Dec 31st,
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