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Brand Extension Strategies; How to Extend More Successfully?

Brand extension strategies
There is no single approach to brand extension, but what are the factors that drive success? Let's start with some examples.
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Product Development; Learning from Failures to Make Better Products

Google product development - how failure makes for fitter products.
Even Apple, one of the world’s most successful companies, visionary, secretive, allegedly antipathetic to research, fails occasionally. Witness poor iphone battery performance, speedily reversed software changes and easy-break charging cables.  While following the ‘gu
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TV Programme Development ; Creative or Marketing Driven?

TV Programme Development | Roy the Badly Drawn Boy
TV Programme Development: Creative or Marketing Driven? Is creativity the be all and end all? Is research and marketing input an expensiv waste of time?
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Seven Enemies of Product Innovation ; How to Spot and Slay Them

Enemies of Product Innovation | new product development | Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Seven Enemies of Innovation; How to Spot and Slay Them. Why do many products fail, and what can you do to ensure success?
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