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Business Planning

Business planning service to define goals and how to reach them

Successful business planning requires both analytical rigor and creativity.  So we follow a structured process (Figure 1). This starts by understanding where your business is now, where it could be, and then how to get there. Throughout we use a combination of business analysis and visioning techniques, and involve you at every stage. Our combined creativity helps us spot and helps you grasp new commercial opportunities.

Our business planning services are summarised in this simplifed strategic planning process infographic
Simplified strategic planning process infographic

Ensuring buy-in from colleagues is vital

So at the outset we engage your team and work together closely. Most commonly via interviews or team workshops. Thus understanding views, and uncovering and developing ideas to shape stronger missions, visions, strategies, and plans.  In so doing this helps to anticipate and overcome barriers to progress and rally, focus and align effort to a common goal. Thus more quickly realising your aims and dreams.

Many business plans include financials that are built on ‘sand’. However, through clear ‘marketing-led’ methods, we ensure robust financials by working through and defining clear customer outcomes and that they link to and match desired financial outcomes. Robust business and market research and modelling underpins and gives more certainty to plans to grow customers, sales and profitability.

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